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Summer is just around the corner!

How are your child's speech & language skills going to boost? 

A & M is offering an intensive speech and language therapy program this summer.  Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Intensive Summer Program:

  1. What is the “Intensive Summer Program”?

A 6-8-week program designed to provide short, intensive daily speech and language therapy services 3-4 days a week in a one-on-one setting to maximize your child’s progress and chance for success.

  2. Why would my child benefit from this program?

If your child:

  • Receives speech therapy from school during the school year, but no services over the summer

  • Has been identified as needing speech therapy but you haven’t gotten started yet

  • Is exhibiting some errors with speech and language skills but hasn’t been tested yet

  • Receives speech therapy somewhere but is only seen once a week or is making minimal progress

If you the parent:

  • Are worried your child won’t maintain his or her speech and language progress over the summer

  • Have concerns about your child’s speech and language skills but don’t know where to get started

  • Are dissatisfied with the rate of progress your child is making in speech and language therapy

This program is for you!

Each summer program is catered to the needs of your child.  We offer in-client-home (or daycare/preschool), as well as teletherapy options! 

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