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What are typical communication milestones?

Babies are meeting communication milestones every single day whether you realize it or not. Communication comes long before their first words. When you know some of these milestones, it is amazing to watch them grow and develop new skills! It is also nice to be aware when you bring your child to the pediatrician to discuss milestones. If your pediatric office is anything like mine, they discuss (MAYBE) the top 3 or 4 communication and motor milestones every well visit. While every single milestone isn't needing discussion as there is a continuum, it is important to keep track of your little one to bring up concerns and questions as needed.

ASHA is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in which all Speech Therapists and Audiologists are members (or should be). It is a great resource for parents to refer to as well. The following link is the abbreviated speech and language milestones you should see from birth to 1 year (and links to future years). It also includes what you can do to help develop your child's speech and language skills. I am constantly asked by parents what they can do to further develop speech and language skills and this is a great place to start! Your child's language is only as good as the language you expose them to.

If you find that your child hasn't met some of the listed milestones- please refer to your local SLP or Early Interventionist (for ages 0-2yrs 11 mo.). I am happy to consult with anyone that has questions or help guide you in the right direction! Refer to prior post to know signs of a speech/language disorder.

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